Elounda Fishing Boats At The Port Of Elounda
Welcome to EloundaInfo I hope you enjoy your visit. Many regular visitors will notice a big change in the look of the site. EloundaInfo has had a big face-lift, but not only that we have new sections ready for you to visit and much more planned for 2010. Elounda, Elounda is an amazing village and awaits you with smiles and open arms. Elounda to many is like coming home a place to relax and enjoy your holiday's, brush those problems away and click on the enter main site and just for a short time you will be in Elounda enjoying the sites and sounds of this small village on the Island of Crete...Elounda. Also information about Travel, Air Fares.  Plaka a beautiful little village close to Elounda click for more information. So Elounda and Plaka could be your holiday destination or it could be even more...your home. Many pictures to feast your eyes upon. We put the info in information...
Beautiful Elounda beaches await, you are spoilt for choice with so many in walking distance of the village the sand and the warm waters await. Click this for a review of the beaches in and around Elounda village.
Elounda Friendly People Crete is famous for it's friendly welcome, Elounda and Plaka are no exemption, walk around the village and see the old people with smiles and a good welcome to the visitor. To these people you are friends and they treat you as such. Info is my business...
Cosmopolitan Elounda Elounda is a true cosmopolitan village with shops of all kinds, Jewellery shops, Fashion Shops, Restaurants, Tavernas, clubs and bars. Everything your hearts desire can be found in Elounda Crete. Check out this link for shops and services in Elounda. Get all the Info here..
Plaka A beautiful little village not far from Elounda, a short travel click to find out about Plaka Info for all..
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The Elounda Mobile Friendly Area is great for accessing information fast. The mobile friendly area is a smaller and text only version of the main EloundaInfo site. This is great for those on dialup and for those who are users of mobile internet. Every page in this area has a text link to the corresponding normal page, which means you get the best of both worlds. So no matter how fast or slow your connection is you too can enjoy reading about this beautiful little village on Crete, Elounda.  For you information and faster access to the mobile friendly site this is the URL to the main mobile index page. http://www.eloundainfo.com/main/mobile/m_index.html
Elounda Main Church
Radio Elounda
Check out the new internet radio station coming to you from Elounda
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