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Starting A Business In Elounda
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Starting a business at any time or place may seem fool hardy and full of pit holes and maybe your correct, however many people from all over Europe decide to move and start a new life in a new country. A lot of these people dream of owning their own business abroad next to a beach or high into the mountains. Elounda has seen many businesses start and close over the years, in fact I also started with a jewellery shop business myself in Elounda which I decided to close because of the lack of tourism.

2010 has been a difficult year for many businesses in Elounda and many businesses have had no other option but to close. The following series of articles will cover the success and the unsuccessful stories of business in Elounda.

Starting A Business In Elounda
Miakoda Restaurant The Owners Story
After a refurbishment lasting 5 months, the former Sea Breeze restaurant reopened on 19th May 2010 as MIAKODA.  The owners, Georgie and Angelo, originally from Bristol, wanted a name that was completely different - but not Greek and not English.
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A number of businesses have closed for good at the end of 2010, 4 or more which are listed on the EloundaInfo website. Business owners have tried for the last few years to wait for an upturn in tourist numbers coming to Elounda.  However after the dismal 2010 tourist season more and more businesses are finding it just to difficult to keep their head above water.
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