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Miakoda Restaurant The Owners Story
Starting A Business In Elounda
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After a refurbishment lasting 5 months, the former Sea Breeze restaurant reopened on 19th May as MIAKODA.  The owners, Georgie and Angelo, originally from Bristol, wanted a name that was completely different - but not Greek and not English.   Miakoda - meaning “Power of the Moon” in an ancient Native American language - seems particularly apt considering the position of the new bar and restaurant.   It is on the road out of Elounda on the way to Plaka, and the view customers  will have, across the bay towards the Spinalonga peninsula, is  stunning, especially when there is a full moon. 
Owning a restaurant was something that Georgie and Angelo had wanted to do for many years, but they kept putting it off and putting it off, until they came to Elounda last November.  It was their first visit and they, like many others before them, fell in love with the place as soon as they came over the mountain.   Georgie said she had never seen a view like it before, even though she had travelled a lot and had even lived in the  Virgin Islands for some years.  They saw the restaurant, realised its huge potential, became infatuated with the view, and bought it!  At the time they didn't realise how much work was going to be needed to make this the place they had dreamed of - a completely new kitchen, new toilets, even new walls.  Now the building work is done and everything looks very impressive.
The Miakoda Fusion restaurant, which will serve a mix of Mexican, Indian, Chinese and English food, will not open fully until mid-June, when Georgie and Angelo intend holding a launch event.  However, in the meantime, the bar is open for drinks.  So if you are in Elounda and want a comfortable lounge bar with a fantastic view, why not give it a try?
Georgie and Angelo's Story
The Restaurant
EloundaInfo Reporter
Sue Ashton
20th May 2010
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