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When you have downloaded the file you will need to unzip it, after you have unzipped the file double click on it and it will load onto your computer. It is only a single file and there is no installing of files onto your computer.
Moving Around
The zip file is around 12MB, simply click on download, unzip file and double click on Elounda Virtual Tour....No installation will take place and the program will run straight away.
When the file is finished loading you will see a 3D environment you will move automatically through the environment to stop this and to control your own movement within the 3D world simply press the F1 button, there will be a short delay then you will have control of your movements. Movement is controlled with the W key which will move you forward, the S key will move you back. The A key will slide you to the left and the D key will slide you to the right. The SPACE key will make you jump. The ENTER key will make you look at a photograph closely if you are looking at it. The ESCAPE key will exit you from the program and the F1 key will put the tour back into automatic again. While in the 3D world you look around with your mouse.
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