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3D Virtual Elounda is my own 3D artist impression of Elounda. It will not be to scale and even the odd building will be missing, but it should give the interested future visitor to Elounda a good idea of how Elounda is set out. Businesses will also be in the 3D environment and some you will be able to enter.

Also in the plans

The software that will be a download can be played as a single player or even as a multi-player online.

There will be an editor which you can build your own worlds or even add to the Elounda map.

A chat system

A coop editing mode in which a number of people can edit the map they are on.

There will be 3 maps released Elounda, Spinalonga and Plaka. Elounda will be released first.


All the businesses that are on the EloundaInfo website will be in the 3D Virtual Elounda (so if you are a business in Elounda or Plaka and you want your business in the 3d environment then get yourself on the EloundaInfo site.) I do not have time to ask you if you want to be on the EloundaInfo site just get yourself on.

3D Virtual Elounda
Virtual Elounda Is Being Built Using Platinum Arts Sandbox And The Cube2 Engine
Due to a lot of interest in the Virtual Elounda Free Download I am going to try and keep this page up to date. Due to other commitments the Virtual Elounda has been neglected of late but I will be back building the Virtual Elounda Very SOON. Keep checking back here for regular updates on the progress.
3D Virtual Elounda
Virtual Elounda is now closed due to files being lost !