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EloundaInfo Forum
The White Horses Business Link Forum is now called The EloundaInfo Business Link Forum and now can be found here: http://www.forum.eloundainfo.com/. The idea of the forum is to bring business owners and people who live in and around Elounda into contact with people who wish more information about Elounda.
A New Type Of Forum
Local Business Owners
Business is difficult at the best of times, and I understand these difficulties as I also had a business in Elounda. I was situated on the main road through Elounda and I realized one of the biggest problems was that visitors did not even know that the street was full of shops, restaurants and bars. I have tried to balance things out by advertising  businesses on the main street and along the coast nearby. It is a shame that some of the most beautifully situated shops, restaurants and bars will not be seen by a high percentage of the holiday visitors. I offer free advertising to all businesses in the Elounda, Plaka area's and indeed I have a couple of businesses adverting who are situated in Agios.
The forum is an excellent place to advertise your business and to chat to potential visitors and clients.

Local People

People living in the Elounda area have an important role on the forum, these people know all the best places to visit when you come to Elounda. Local information for the potential visitor is of paramount importance, they can be the best tourist information centers of all.

You The Visitor !
You the visitor is of course the most important ingredient in the tourist pot, without you there would be no website no businesses and no forum....no village !
It is in the best interest of the businesses in Elounda and surrounding areas that you come on holiday and enjoy yourself, so you will come back again and tell your friends and family. The forum is an excellent place to get all the live information you need before booking your holiday to Elounda ask the questions you need answers for. With the information on this website and from the forum you will have all the information needed to make your holiday a enjoyable and relaxing time.
So if you are a local business, local person living in Elounda, a potential visitor then together we can all make a difference.
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Some Of The Businesses Who Now Benefit  From  Forum And Website Exposure
Lotus Eaters Resaurant
Flowers Of Crete
Janet's Apartments
Hellas Bar
Zig Zag
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