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Bar Bee
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The Bar Bee
The Entertainment
The Bar
Bar Bee
The Bar Bee
Good Size Bar Area
Imagine if you will, you are lying on the beach it is blistering hot and what comes to your mind ? Could it be a cool glass of beer ? Well this bar is well situated for just that, just across the road from the beach is Bar Bee. Parking is available just over the road from the bar and with a seating area slightly shaded by the palm trees then this is the bar to relax and enjoy a drink or 2.
Well situated bar selling all types of drinks and beverages. The bar is spacious and has plenty seating inside and out. With a good size kitchen for well presented food why not try their famous English Breakfast. Comfortable seating around the bar as well.
Well Situated Bar Just Over From The Beach
Music, Television and for those who miss their darts a dart board and in bar entertainment.
The Children Of Nepal Event
A wonderful bar situated just over from the beach. A great place to relax and enjoy a drink and to sit and watch the world go by. I highly recommend if you are in Elounda to visit Bar Bee and find out what relaxing and enjoying a drink is all about. The Children Of Nepal Event is also held here in the winter, there is a collection box so please if you can help Rita Sanghita make that difference.