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Walking With A Tender Foot And A Sharp Eye
Walking In And Around Elounda
Many people when they come to Crete like to go for long walks around the countryside and even up into the mountains.  Many beautiful plants can be found on your walks, not only beautiful but rare and endangered. On the 21st March, 2009 an interesting talk was held at Bio Aroma an a essential oils distillery in Aghios Nikolaos, the speaker was Nick Turland. The talk was on behalf of the Flowers Of Crete organization, this organizations aim is to bring the rich and diverse flora of the island to a wider audience.
Saturday 21st March
"I will be walking with a tender foot and a sharp eye from now on..."
(EloundaInfo 2009)

The talk was a mix of interesting facts about the flora of Crete and a slideshow with beautifully taken pictures of the plants and areas of Crete. The pictures photographed by Nick Turland can also be found on flickriver.com to left of this text. With over 50 species of plants covered in the talk I was surprised at how many of these plants are only found on Crete and some only in small areas of eastern Crete. Nick coved the uphill struggle some of these plants have surviving in their environment through such things as grazing animals and road development.
About Nick Turland
Nick Turland [Photo], Assistant Curator, is an editorial assistant for the Flora of China project.Formerly of the Botany Department of the Natural History Museum, London (BM), he joined the MO staff in 1997. He is responsible for editing and finalizing the text volumes of the Flora, including checking nomenclature, tracking manuscripts, and database management in general. His specialties are the flora of the Mediterranean region and botanical nomenclature - at the XVI International Botanical Congress in St. Louis in 1999, he was appointed a member of the Editorial Committee for the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (St. Louis Code) - but he is now becoming increasingly immersed in the Chinese flora. In 1997, he traveled to China for seven weeks of plant collecting in the remote Gaoligongshan Mountains in northwestern Yunnan Province.
Missouri Botanical Garden
P.O. Box 299
St. Louis, MO 63166-0299
Pictures Of Some Of  The Plants You Can Find On Your Walks
The Talk
After The Talk
After the talk we all moved to the Bio Aroma museum, food and wine was served as we looked around the museum.
The Bio Aroma Museum
The Place
BioAroma is a newly-founded production unit of essential oils from wild and organic Cretan herbs, which is situated in Ahgios Nikolaos Crete. In the unit there is also a unique park and a museum of Cretan herbs and essential oils that you can visit.
More pictures and information about BioAroma
EloundaInfo Review
A very interesting and informative talk, after hearing this talk I feel I have walked around with my eyes closed. I think from now on I will be walking with a tender foot and     a sharp eye from now on. 
Flowers Of Crete
Flowers of Crete by John Fielding, N.J. Turland, and Brian Matthew. Can be purchased amongst other places here at Amazon please check this link for more information.
More Information
Nick Turland At The Bio Aroma Distillery
Nick Turland At The Bio Aroma Museum