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Hello my name is Stephen (stefos) I am the web master of EloundaInfo.com/EloundaInfo.net and several other websites. First before I continue, I would like to thank you for visiting the EloundaInfo website and hope you enjoy reading the articles and surfing through the pages.
Well I guess it started all the way back in March of 2005 when I moved over from a very cold and wet Newcastle to a beautiful dry and warm Elounda. Me and my partner who is Greek decided to open a small jewellery shop on the main road into Elounda. The first couple of years went very well in the shop, however during the 2007 season we realized things were not as they started out to be. The street was not as busy as it was at the start, however we thought that 2008 would be a better year. So we got ourselves through the winter and prepared for the 2008 summer season starting. As the season of 2008 slowly moved along, I was shocked and very worried at how quiet it was and as the weeks passed it never got any better. It was early June and it was at this time I started to build the EloundaInfo site and because I was not busy with customers at my shop (white Horses) the site was coming on very well. A friend of mine who is a web master of Elounda77, site talked a lot about the problems Elounda was facing because of the lack of tourists.  It was about this time I joined the Makeitgreece forum, I had found a place in which I could spread the word about the problems and discuss and to try and find some answers.
I started a discussion on the board and entitled it Help Elounda....it was highly successful and had thousands of hits. Heated discussion was the order of the day and everyday, we slogged it out trying to find some answers to the problems of the lack of tourists. The EloundaInfo website also became known as the home of the Save Elounda Campaign notice the title was different from the forum, this was a mistake on my part, however I think it was apt so I left it as the Save Elounda Campaign. Anyway to cut a very long story short most of what I had said on the forum was proved correct, nothing to celebrate, I closed my shop the end of this season (2008) for good.
Out with the old and in with the new, I closed the shop and now work as an estate agent and of course build websites and websites I love to do. I decided to sort of re-launch the EloundaInfo site and give it a whole new look. I am also catering more for the local ex-pats, and have a section just for this.
I am looking forward to 2009 and I am pretty exited about how the EloundaInfo site is going to grow, I have lot's of plans in my head about how to move forward with the site as well as my other sites. If you keep visiting my site you will see these plans I hope turn to reality.
So once again thank you for visiting and keep your eye on EloundaInfo you may well be surprised.
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Stefos of EloundaInfo Outside Andreas
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Me sitting in Adreas Grill House
A New And Faster EloundaInfo In 2010
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EloundaInfo in 2010 does not just get a face lift it goes deeper than that. Every page on the site is getting re-written and being converted to a faster format taking off a whopping 200pxs off the width of the usual 1000pxs. This should help with download times to your computer. Also being implemented is a new navigation system which should help you find the page you are looking for. Also in 2010 the launch of the new FLASH area of EloundaInfo giving access to many new features like flash maps of Elounda and many other specials.