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EloundaInfo's mission is to offer free advertising to all Elounda based businesses and to offer as much information possible to visitors of the website who are thinking of visiting Elounda and of course to local people as well. You may have noticed that I have no affiliation with external businesses which means I do not receive any money from advertising.  The only advertising you will see on this website are businesses that fall under the EloundaInfo free advertising campaign. These businesses are all in and around Elounda area, I think offering free advertising is important for local businesses and especially now in these difficult times.  Other advertising you may come across on the EloundaInfo site are links to my other websites and link swaps.  EloundaInfo does have overheads which I have to pay to keep EloundaInfo running. These overheads may include such things as hosting companies, development software, reporter fees, and other such payments.

I could have joined an affiliate program, I personally think that for the EloundaInfo site this would be the wrong route to take, I want to be able to report on any Elounda related topic/subject and I do not want my hands tied in anyway.

Your Donation Help's  because any money donated will be ploughed back into the EloundaInfo site, this will allow the website to grow to one of the biggest covering the Elounda area, which for you the reader can only mean a better, faster and more powerful EloundaInfo.

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A Donation Is Not Required But Very Much Appreciated, since the birth of the EloundaInfo site my mission is to try and keep all aspects of the website free for anyone who wishes to use it. This includes you the reader and all local advertisers, all I ask is if you find this website of use then please donate any amount and help EloundaInfo grow into the best website covering the Elounda area.

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A Donation Is Not Required But Very Much Appreciated